Bee Honey in Tanach

It is generally agreed upon by Chazal that “the land of milk and honey” and other references to honey throughout the Torah refer to date honey. In particular this is because if the Torah is praising the land, then it should praise that which comes from the land after all. Dates grow from the land (that is, from the soil), while bee honey is fermented from the nectar of flowers. (Similarly regarding the “milk,” there are opinions that it was either almond milk or white wine, both agricultural products from the soil.)

However, there are numerous explicit references to bee honey throughout Tanach. The following are some of them (and some that may refer to date honey), and they are quite beautiful pasukim at that:

Tehillim 19:11 “[The judgments of Hashem] are more desirable than gold, than even much fine gold; and sweeter than honey, and drippings from the combs.”

Ibid. 119:103 “How sweet to my palate is Your word, more than honey to my mouth.”

Mishlei 16:24 “Words of pleasantness are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone.”

Ibid. 25:16 “When you find honey, eat what is sufficient for you, lest you be satiated and vomit it up.”

Ibid. 27:7 “The sated soul will trample a honeycomb; but to the hungry soul, all bitter is sweet.”

Shir Hashirim 4:11 “The sweetness of Torah drips from your lips. Like honey and milk it lies under your tongue; your very garments are scented with precepts like the scent of Lebanon.”