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Rosh Hashana honey harvest is underway. Honey will be available starting the week of September 1, 2013. Please stay tuned for updates.

Update: It was a larger harvest than I expected BH despite the particularly dry summer. I have 11-ounce (by weight) jars of raw-unheated-unfiltered-untreated honey available for $11.50. I’ve been receiving a lot of emails about shipping honey. One jar can ship in a padded USPS Priority envelope for about $5.00 (arrives anywhere in the US in two days). Two jars may fit in one envelope as well. Medium USPS Priority boxes would be for three jars or more and cost about $12.00. Other shipping arrangements are possible as well. I prefer to invoice-through-email with PayPal but can also process credit cards over the phone. Please email me at for inquiries.

Honey is 100% TREATMENT FREE (in contradistinction to mainstream beekeepers who regularly treat their hives with antibiotics and pesticides including apistan, terramycin, and gardstar).

Honey is 100% RAW AND UNFILTERED (in contradistinction to mainstream beekeepers who often pasteurize honey and micro-filter out pollen for a “cleaner look.” However, both of these processes strip honey of many of its beneficial properties, not to mention creating a more flat flavor).

BEES ARE NEVER FED SUGAR (in contradistinction to mainstream beekeepers who take as much honey as possible, which is the bees’ food, and then feed back cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup, both of which weaken bees’ immune systems and undoubtedly end up in the “honey”).

HIVES ARE MADE FROM NATURAL WOOD AND NAILS. Many beekeepers use plastic hives and/or plastic foundation. Not only are The Chassidic Beekeeper hives free of plastic, these hives are generally not even painted on the outside. The natural wood allows the hives to breath naturally, more like a log where bees would nest in nature.

For a further list of distinctions, please see the About section.

Honey is $12 per 11-ounce jar and $6 per 5.5-ounce jar. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you may send an email to to arrange orders and delivery.

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  1. Co-worker Barbra Sperling brought me some of your honey. She mentioned you also have sauerkraut available. If available, I would appreciate more information. Thank you and have a wonderful week. Sue

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